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This blog is a chronicle of my insane personal challenge to celebrate at least one holiday or special day for every single day of 2009. Check back daily for new posts and days to add to next year's calendar!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The reason I had to make up some holidays on this blog.

We haven't come to any of them yet, but there are going to be a handfull of days throughout the year that I had to invent new holidays for since I was unable to find pre-existing holidays for those dates. Since my plan isn't "celebrate at least one holiday for whatever days actually have them throughout the year" but rather "celebrate at least one holiday for every day of the year," I decided that if it became necessary to invent a new holiday just for the sake of this blog, I would do it. At the time I was under the assumption that I would actually be able to find a holiday or at the very least a saint observance for each of this year's 364 1/4 days, but, as is apparent to anyone reading this, that is not the case. When we come to these days (and I may add a few as we go since for some days the only holidays I'm able to celebrate are also redundant to other holidays on the list, but we'll cross that bridge when it stands before us) I will inform you of the fact in the 'historical/cultural significance' and 'footnotes' sections of those days' blog posts.


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