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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Continued silence on the part of a certain Comedy Central notable...

Yes, Colbert, I'm talking about you. It's un-American the way you ignore the fact that I called you out on ignoring Bald Eagle Day on the fourteenth. Even if you didn't have the responsibility to your adopted bald eagle SON to acknowledge the day, your commentary on your own patriotism comes into question because of this. While I am fine with the fact that most citizens, patriotic or not, are unaware of the fact that the national bird has its own holiday, a television host like you who will go far enough as to have shelves of honour on your set (which, by the way, you refer to as "the EAGLE's nest"...) that you should overlook such a ripe opportunity to show your love for America. For shame, Stephen, for shame... I wag my finger at you, and your patriotism is, as of now, officially On Notice.


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