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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The reason I'm not letting up on Stephen Colbert.

As those of you out there who read this thing have undoubtably noticed, I am being pretty hard on Stephen Colbert for having not celebrated Bald Eagle Day on the 14th. The reason for this is, as a fan of Mr. Colbert, I know that he is better than that. His persona on the show is at once brilliant and hilarious and a lot of research goes into the many random jokes and references that appear on his show throughout the week. It is the fact of the level of quality that he invariably shows that will not let me conscionably allow this oversight on his part to slide. The fact that his character is built to be overly and overtly patriotic as well as the honor of having a bald eagle "son" named Stephen, Jr. in his honour that it seems out of the question that one should allow him to miss the (admittedly obscure) holiday of Bald Eagle Day.

Colbert, I'm watching you (nightly, on Comedy Central). I'm watching you like an eagle. Like a bald eagle. You'd better take note and admit the oversight, or I'll hound you on my blog until you do.


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