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Sunday, February 1, 2009

EDITORIAL: a few thoughts on Black History Month

I think segregating the important black people throughout American and world history to be specifically taught about during one specific month, the SHORTEST month mind you, is just wrong. By giving them this "honour" they are being treated less respectfully in my mind than other historical figures. History should not care what race you are unless it's important to your specific act, and even then, it should not affect how you are taught about to future generations.

All history should be taught equally and together, unless you choose to be a racist or bigot that is...

I see no reason that when teaching a unit on the American Civil War that Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglass, etc. should be skimmed over and left for February, they should be taught right in there with Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, etc. not segregated. Unfortunately most schools don't seem to see my point and will instead go through and say, "oh, they had dark skin, teach 'em in February, divorced from their period and what effects they had." That is wrong.


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