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This blog is a chronicle of my insane personal challenge to celebrate at least one holiday or special day for every single day of 2009. Check back daily for new posts and days to add to next year's calendar!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to my challenge...

Hello, and welcome to the Holiday-a-Day blog. I have become resolute in my personal challenge to myself to celebrate at least one holiday or special celebration for every day of the year for the year 2009, and this blog is intended as a chronicle of this rather extreme challenge.

I fully intend to publish a post daily, though I fully acknowledge that computer problems, blackouts, and/or other unforseeable circumstances may cause me to miss updates on particular days. If this happens, I will retroactively add posts for the days I missed, and I apologize in advance if that occurs.

The posts will be organized in a regular structure. The title of the post will state the date and name of the holiday(s) for the day. The first section will tell how I celebrated the day(s), and will usually include photos as proof of celebration. The second will include any other manners in which the holiday may be properly recognized. Next will come a section detailing the cultural significance and/or history of the holiday if I can find it (if I cannot, comments helping me out on that matter will be appreciated, and the posters will be acknowledged and thanked in an edit to the initial post). Following that may be a song that I feel works well as a 'theme song' for the holiday, though this will most likely not be in place for day's post, and most certainly will not happen for every holiday celebrated. The final section will note on other holidays, observances, historical events, etc. occur in connection to that date.

I look toward the coming year with a mix of excitement, interest, and absolute dread. I hope many of you will join me on my journey!

Tomorrow's post will be the first day of my project, and naturally will be for New Year's Day.


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